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About Company

Maxtree Pvt. Ltd offers the ultimate design, fit and max comfort in each and every product with manifestation of latest technology, high quality standards and hardworking workmanship. Maxtree Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2018 wants to be synonymous with quality and performance  for millions across the country. With young and enthusiastic leader, the company targets for Valuable Customer and Customer Satisfaction where our key efforts would be to offer best product experience in terms of material, properties and design at the highest level.

As a market entrant Maxtree Pvt. Ltd. is equipped to meet the demanding needs of the fast growing India and ensure that the growth is maintained along with a competitive edge.

About Products

We provide a wide range of ortho slippers, soft slipper and flip-flops.

Our marquee product Maxtree Ortho+ Care helps the user by allowing the muscle tendons, bones of the feet and lower leg to function at their highest potential.When appropriately worn and used, Maxtree Ortho + Care slippers can decrease pain not only of foot and joint but also of the whole lower body such as knee, hips and lowerback. It eliminates the need for one’s muscles to compensate for imperceptible imbalances reducing fatigue and promoting efficient muscle function . Maxtree products also increase the stability in an unstable body joint and thus prevent a deformed foot from developing additional problems.